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The Government Printing Council is a membership organization open to printing companies, government publishers, and printing procurement professionals interested in maintaining a cost effective and efficient federal printing procurement system. 

The Council's Goals:

1.   Drive savings by maximizing the percentage of government printing that is procured from top quality private sector printing companies; utilize government in-house printing only where necessary and cost competitive.
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2.   Maintenance of the long-standing GPO simplified print-centric procurement regulations that avoid the complexity and confusion of the Federal Acquisition Regulations.
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3.   Procurement of government printing through a central source (the Government Printing Office, “GPO”) using open competition.
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4.   Oppose any application of the Service Contract Act prevailing wages to GPO contracts (GPO is exempt from the Service Contract Act, and prevailing wages are not currently required on GPO contracts; applying the Service Contract Act to GPO would increase the cost to taxpayers by 10% to 20%!)
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5.   Encourage GPO to issue detailed Solicitations that fully describe the product/service so that the Agency Customer gets what it needs, AND all bidders are bidding the same work.
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6.  Modernize GPO’s Quality Assurance through Attributes Standards to cover high-speed heatset web presses and digital print production of short run color work.
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7.   Improve the percentage of government documents provided by agencies in order to assure electronic public access to taxpayer funded publications and information. 
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Mission Statement:

The Government Printing Council supports the continuation and improvement of a centralized, open, competitive federal government print procurement system that provides quality printed products, at the lowest total cost to the agencies and the taxpayers


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